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Data generated in Salesforce is as critical as it is irreplaceable. Information that is stored in the cloud such as confidential customer data, leads, orders, sales agreements and to do lists are critical to an organizations sales performance and in some cases its survival. Many companies simply can’t afford the risk of not fully protecting it.

Our Salesforce backup solution automatically backs up all your Salesforce data on a daily basis. Accidental deletions, third-party app overwrites or incorrectly mapped fields – no matter what the cause, you never have to worry about losing a single byte of Salesforce data again. Standard objects, custom objects, attachments, files, metadata, even Chatter messages are copied to a separate cloud environment for quick restoration.

It’s one thing to know you have your critical customer data backed up. But what if you need to quickly and easily find a file or object? Our robust search capabilities give you the power to pluck exactly what you’re looking for from vast stores of Salesforce cloud data. You can go back in time and retrieve all previous versions of a file. In other words, you can literally use our solution to reconstruct the past.

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