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We have had a partnership with Connectivity now for several years.  Our first firewall was simply more to allow our ERP provider access to our system.  They were not willing to be part of the frame relay that we were then using.  It took some time, eventually I was able to convince my management to try VPN to replace frame relay at a couple of our branches.  My first call was to Connectivity.  With their expertise, I believe we have saved significantly by removing the frame relay and going fully to VPN.  We now have eight branches, a data center and the owner’s home on a partially meshed VPN.  At times, firewalls can and do fail.  It has always been reassuring to have Connectivity only a phone call away.  I specifically remember a time on vacation when I did not have the resources to diagnose a problem.  I called Connectivity and they were able to restore the service even though it was not their equipment that failed.  A couple of years ago, I was frustrated with the firewall vendor that Connectivity was then using and painfully made the decision to try another provider.  It was not even a year, and we dropped the other provider as the service was just not there.  I went back to Connectivity and they graciously helped me complete the project even though I was using a firewall that was not their choice.  In the midst of this, the Connectivity firewall vendor was bought up and Connectivity had to find a new vendor.  I am glad that I was able to use Connectivity for a firewall that provides protection to my largest branch but also allows remote access to our employees and Connectivity also meshed it into the VPN network that I had.  I highly recommend Connectivity to anyone looking for a technology partner that can be all in one but also works with those who are more DIY.

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