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Please let this letter serve as my highest recommendation of Ben Minardi and Steve Shade and their company Connectivity Systems.

We first contacted Connectivity back in 2006 when we needed some network support, an email/internet server and new computers.  They came as a recommendation from another vendor we had at our company doing some other work.  Since then, Connectivity Systems has been our go to company for all our networking, email/internet and new computer needs.  They not only handle the installation and setup, they also handle the purchase of the equipment/hardware that we need.  Ben and Steve are very knowledgeable about the current technology and what best suits our requirements.  Our first networking setup back in 2006 was an E-soft Instagate email and internet server.  The system was purchased and set up by Connectivity Systems and it worked great for quite a long time.  Just recently we upgraded at the end of 2014.  We did a complete upgrade to our computer/networking/email system. They handled the computer purchase for us, installed the new upgraded software, brought the new computers to our company and incorporated them into our network and made sure everything was up and running.  Along with the upgrade to all new computers, Ben and Steve got us up and running on a new email server service. They handled the transitions from the old system to the new system and also handled changing the internet providers for us.  I was a little hesitant at first, but the online email service has been working flawlessly.  So now I can say “We’re on the cloud!”

If I ever have any questions or concerns, I just email Ben or Steve and they get back to me without me feeling like a pest (which sometimes I can be).   Ben and Steve have even gone the extra mile to help myself and some of the other people in our office get our home computers setup so we can VPN into the office to be able to work from home.  He did all this off the clock in the evening just to keep his customers satisfied.  They are truly a great asset to our company and are great guys to deal with.  Keep up the great customer service!!

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