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I would like to start by stating my experience with Connectivity Systems has exceeded all expectations. Ben, Steve, and Jake are extremely responsive, professional, and sensitive to the individual needs of our company. Ben actually stopped by our offices and simply indicated that he wanted to provide me with some information regarding his company and if IT support was needed Connectivity Systems was willing to evaluate and work with our firm.

Moving forward approximately six months later, I came to the office to find that our server had crashed. Our office utilizes a VoIP phone service which was also down as we had no Internet.  I called our prior IT company, which had installed the server in 2009, at approximately 7:30 AM and then followed up with a telephone call at 8:30 AM. I was told that a “ticket” would be entered. Please keep in mind our law firm was essentially crippled without our server operating. At approximate 11:30 AM I called our prior IT company again and was advised, “we are kicking it around the office to see what the problem may be.” At that time I called Connectivity Systems and advised them of our issue.  I was immediately told that there were other commitments; however, due to the sensitivity and urgency of the nature someone would be able to be at our office once their schedule was rearranged.

Approximately two hours later, Connectivity Systems arrived at our office.  Within 15 minutes, Connectivity Systems restored our Internet which provided access to the phones as well as email. Within 30 minutes, the issue with the server was diagnosed and our systems were resotred.  Connectivity Systems remained on-site for approximately two hours to not only ensure the server remained operational but also to map our network as our prior IT company never provided any information with regards to the systems in place.  At approximate 3:30 PM I received a phone call from her prior IT company requesting that I “provide the Dell Service Tag number” further stating the prior IT company would “call Dell to see if there was any warranty support.”

Connectivity Systems discussed with me replacement of the server hard drives as well as other maintenance for the server. Connectivity Systems has since replaced our server, migrated our email services, and has provided the litany of other services which I had attempted to discuss with our prior IT company; however, (1) they would never present on site and worked exclusively remotely, (2) would send a salesperson who appeared to not have the best interest of our firm and seem to approach everything with a “one-size-fits-all” attitude, and (3) despite being a client since 2009 seem to have no working knowledge of our systems and seem to lack documentation regarding the network.

I have since referred Connectivity Systems to several other law firms. When interacting with Ben, Steve, and Jake, they take the time to explain the issue and suggested resolutions. They have all worked with our staff after hours on various remote issues and have always been responsive. They are all very personable, knowledgeable, and truly have your interests in mind. We truly feel Connectivity Systems is a part of our “team” and firm and not just a third-party vendor providing services. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Connectivity Systems for your IT solutions.


I wanted to take this opportunity to express our complete satisfaction with Connectivity Systems. Since 2009 you have provided us with outstanding customer support and have provided hardware and software support in an exceptional manner.

Whether we were upgrading equipment or software the process has always been seamless. The implementation of the VOIP phone systems, equipment upgrades, voice mail, backup protection or VPN tunnels to our two offsite facilities has been outstanding. Your recommendations for products and hardware have always made our daily routines so much more efficient and cost effective. In this day and age it seems as though technology changes constantly. Connectivity Systems has always kept us in pace with those advancements.


Please let this letter serve as my highest recommendation of Ben Minardi and Steve Shade and their company Connectivity Systems.

We first contacted Connectivity back in 2006 when we needed some network support, an email/internet server and new computers.  They came as a recommendation from another vendor we had at our company doing some other work.  Since then, Connectivity Systems has been our go to company for all our networking, email/internet and new computer needs.  They not only handle the installation and setup, they also handle the purchase of the equipment/hardware that we need.  Ben and Steve are very knowledgeable about the current technology and what best suits our requirements.  Our first networking setup back in 2006 was an E-soft Instagate email and internet server.  The system was purchased and set up by Connectivity Systems and it worked great for quite a long time.  Just recently we upgraded at the end of 2014.  We did a complete upgrade to our computer/networking/email system. They handled the computer purchase for us, installed the new upgraded software, brought the new computers to our company and incorporated them into our network and made sure everything was up and running.  Along with the upgrade to all new computers, Ben and Steve got us up and running on a new email server service. They handled the transitions from the old system to the new system and also handled changing the internet providers for us.  I was a little hesitant at first, but the online email service has been working flawlessly.  So now I can say “We’re on the cloud!”

If I ever have any questions or concerns, I just email Ben or Steve and they get back to me without me feeling like a pest (which sometimes I can be).   Ben and Steve have even gone the extra mile to help myself and some of the other people in our office get our home computers setup so we can VPN into the office to be able to work from home.  He did all this off the clock in the evening just to keep his customers satisfied.  They are truly a great asset to our company and are great guys to deal with.  Keep up the great customer service!!

VP of Engineering

Connectivity Systems was integral in assisting us to find and implement a replacement e-mail security service provider. Ben and his team helped us in the discovery, proof of concept, implementation and support. They continue to add value throughout the renewal and reassessment periods.

IT Director

I am the owner of a small Real Estate company and have been working with Connectivity Systems for many years.   Their help and advice has been and is now crucial  to me and my company.  As a small company with limited network knowledge and computers resources you need a technology partner you can trust.  I know I can always rely on Connectivity for fast and quality service.


Connectivity Systems have been providing service to my business since 2007.   They make maintenance suggestions as well as provide emergency service which has been very helpful to me as I believe maintaining a system will keep the emergencies at a minimum.   Ben and Steve are very professional and knowledgeable about their products.


In 2010, we were looking for a technology partner to help us to maintain our network.  We chose Connectivity Systems and are glad we did.  The staff at Connectivity Systems is very helpful, has excellent technical knowledge and always provides a prompt response on our request for support or service.  Our network and systems are critical to the productivity and success of our business…Connectivity Systems has helped us make good decisions on how to best maintain and grow our technology.  With Connectivity Systems’ help we have upgraded our server platform, refreshed our desktop and notebook PCs, installed a faster Internet connection, set up secure remote network access so employees can work from home or on the road, and upgraded our phone system.  Thanks for help and advice.  Keep up the good work!


We have been working with Connectivity Systems for our networking needs since 2012. Having Connectivity Systems as our networking resource for hardware and software support has been cost effective and valuable for the simple peace of mind knowing we can call and speak with very knowledgeable people to get help and resolution to very complicated issues.

We recently had an issue of an infected PC that was acting as a runaway mail server which subsequently put our domain name on multiple blacklists, after working with Connectivity they were able to pinpoint the infected PC and resolve the blacklist issue.

The trick to any successful IT Department is having technically sound support when you need it, there is nothing worse than having a mission critical problem and calling for tech support and hearing “We are experiencing a high call volume your call is important to us please hold another hour”. Connectivity Systems has always consistently provided us with prompt service and qualified technical assistance.

IT Manager

My company has been a customer of Connectivity Systems for a decade.  They’ve provided solid customer service, support, and fair pricing for the products we’ve purchased. They’ve been honest and reliable. I’d recommend them to other small businesses.

IT Manager

We have been working with Connectivity Systems, Inc. since 2000 when you installed new Cisco routers at our remote warehouse and upgraded our iSeries remote controllers.  Since 2000 we have continued to use Connectivity for IT projects including  an anti-spam system, Ethernet terminals for our iSeries, anti-virus software for our PCs, an email server, firewall/VPN appliances, and even a phone system for our New York city office.  Connectivity has always provided us with sound advice, fair prices and great service.   It is good to know that you are just a phone call away!

IT Manager

I’ve been very happy with the services that Connectivity Systems provides. They have consistently matched required technology with the growth of our business and are always looking out for our best interest. My business has been able to thrive technologically because of Connectivity Systems. They are available for assistance at a moment’s notice and have exceeded all of my expectations. I would thoroughly recommend them for their high ongoing level of customer service.


Connectivity is always available when I need tech issues resolved.  Not only are they helpful and knowledgeable in tackling our issues, but they are prompt, courteous, reliable, and always sees things through until they are working perfectly.


It has been my pleasure to work on numerous projects with Connectivity Systems over the past 15 + years.  In addition to being reliable and committed to their profession – they are extremely knowledgeable in all areas of IT.  I never hesitate to call them with any problem and would always highly recommend their services and expertise.

IT Manager

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Connectivity Systems for over ten years and have been very pleased with your professionalism, knowledge, problem-solving skills and honesty, which you have consistently demonstrated in setting-up, maintaining and trouble-shooting our computer systems. We are a 20-person architectural firm and face similar issues and concerns to other businesses – ability to work remotely, reliability of back-up systems, performance and dependability of computer systems, UPS systems, internet security, among other things. You recently consulted with our website designer to ensure a seamless and very successful transition to our new website. I have always been able to count on Connectivity’s responsiveness to guide us through the issues and challenges that we have faced. We have also appreciated your willingness to work on evenings and weekends, if that is what is necessary to assist our professional staff with computer and connectivity issues. It has been reassuring for our firm to know that Connectivity Systems is looking out for our best interests through the maintenance of our computers and network.

Principal Architect

The PacketShapers we have deployed throughout our company have proven to be an invaluable resource for securing; controlling and reporting on what our bandwidth is used for. Without the timely and incomparable support of Ben and Steve from Connectivity Systems, we surely would not have been as successful with these devices. They  and their team are always right on top of our questions about updates, maintenance renewals and support if needed. They make sure we are getting the most out of our devices at all times.

IT Team Leader

Connectivity Systems was the right choice for us when we needed to upgrade our server and reconfigure our network. We value having a local vendor, with as much knowledge and experience as Connectivity, that we know we can count on.


I have worked with Ben and Steve since 2007. They helped us install, configure and maintain our network firewall and helped us move our email from internal servers to the cloud. They are always available for consulations and explain our options to solve our technology issues. They are great to work with and I would highly recommend them.

IT Director

I’ve thought of lots of reasons why it’s been a pleasure to work with you & Steve…Whenever we have a networking problem (which seldom happens), Ben & Steve are able to fix it quickly without drama.Ben & Steve came up with an easy-to-manage solution to connect our three locations electronically. When we had an email attack, Ben calmly explained how to stop it & then came up with a plan for recovery. Ben & Steve have informed suggestions about enhancements and upgrades to our networking structure. It’s always a pleasure to have Steve at our location for an install because he is super knowledgeable & is willing to share his knowledge.

IT Manager

We have had a partnership with Connectivity now for several years.  Our first firewall was simply more to allow our ERP provider access to our system.  They were not willing to be part of the frame relay that we were then using.  It took some time, eventually I was able to convince my management to try VPN to replace frame relay at a couple of our branches.  My first call was to Connectivity.  With their expertise, I believe we have saved significantly by removing the frame relay and going fully to VPN.  We now have eight branches, a data center and the owner’s home on a partially meshed VPN.  At times, firewalls can and do fail.  It has always been reassuring to have Connectivity only a phone call away.  I specifically remember a time on vacation when I did not have the resources to diagnose a problem.  I called Connectivity and they were able to restore the service even though it was not their equipment that failed.  A couple of years ago, I was frustrated with the firewall vendor that Connectivity was then using and painfully made the decision to try another provider.  It was not even a year, and we dropped the other provider as the service was just not there.  I went back to Connectivity and they graciously helped me complete the project even though I was using a firewall that was not their choice.  In the midst of this, the Connectivity firewall vendor was bought up and Connectivity had to find a new vendor.  I am glad that I was able to use Connectivity for a firewall that provides protection to my largest branch but also allows remote access to our employees and Connectivity also meshed it into the VPN network that I had.  I highly recommend Connectivity to anyone looking for a technology partner that can be all in one but also works with those who are more DIY.

IT Manager

We had have Connectivity Systems oversee and update our internet and security systems for years.  They are very thorough, detailed, and knowledgeable in their service and are available when you need them as well as great to work with.

Office Manager

Over the past 11 years, Connectivity Systems has helped us to keep our business data secure, minimized our downtime and helped us expand our operations.   We really appreciate how the Connectivity team proactively contacts us to discuss our data risks and they always give us multiple solutions so we can find the best option for our company. In addition, Connectivity is also very responsive to our service requests and they are even willing to be available outside business hours when needed. Overall, I could not be happier with Connectivity’s services and we truly view them as a partner in our business.


Connectivity Systems has provided our business the ability to have multiple retail locations communicate seamlessly with our main database without having to worry about security issues.  Troubleshooting, though very infrequent, was prompt allowing us to maintain regular business operations.  The technicians, who we’ve known for over a dozen years, have basically become a part of our family business simply due to their attentiveness and caring attitudes.


In 2012, I opened up my own financial consulting practice and at the time I needed to set up my new office with network, Internet access, computers, phones, and printers.  Needless to say it was a lot of work considering all of the other things that I needed to attend to with my new practice.  I was referred to Connectivity Systems, Inc. by a friend who had worked with them to set up his computer network.  Connectivity provided great advice and was extremely helpful with picking the right hardware and phone system for my new business.  More recently we have set up a network maintenance program that includes regularly scheduled visits to our office to make sure our systems are updated and running well.

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