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Connectivity Systems is the trusted IT partner for small business.

  • Fully customizable service plans designed to fit your IT needs
  • Experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly staff
  • Fast support for your IT needs

Welcome to Connectivity Systems, Inc!

A full-service network consulting company providing solutions and services for small businesses since 1999.

IT Support/Help Desk Services

Our support team is available to remotely diagnose your IT problem and quickly find a solution.

Data Backup/Disaster Continuity

We have various plans and techniques for backing up and recovering your data due to human error or natural disasters.

Hardware/Software Procurement

We help source and procure the right hardware that supports the unique needs of small business clients.

Voice Services

We help small business clients choose the right telephone and voice services to support efficient operations.

Cloud Services

We help design and effectively deploy cloud services that best suit your company’s needs.

IT Security

We provide solutions to secure clients’ internal data as well as data stored in the cloud.

About Connectivity Systems, Inc.

Connectivity Systems, Inc. is a network consulting company that is focused on helping our clients find and implement innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for their technology needs.  Founded in 1999, Connectivity’s primary business was a wide area of network consulting, design, and implementation.  Over time Connectivity has evolved to become a full-service network consulting firm.

In today’s world, technology is everywhere and it is constantly changing.  Many technology companies focus too much on quarterly results and not enough on customer satisfaction.  In comparison, Connectivity’s main focus is on customer satisfaction and building strong business relationships for the long term.  Our clients appreciate the advice we offer, the personalized attention they receive, and the quality of our service.

What is an MSP and Why is Connectivity Systems Different?

Many IT companies have transitioned into a Managed Service Provider (MSP) Model, which remotely manages a client’s IT infrastructure on a monthly subscription basis. Smaller businesses have unique needs and tend not to fit into this model. Connectivity Systems does not force its clients into a one size fits all program. We use the same advanced remote technology but are able to flexibly work with clients to find the best-customized solutions and service levels for them. 

Why do Small Businesses Need or Benefit from Trusted IT Partners?

They say it takes a village, and with internet technology, it’s no different. The digital space is constantly changing and it can be difficult to keep pace. As a small business, resources may not be available to hire in-house IT personnel. Therefore, Connectivity Systems serves as the trusted IT partner that helps your company make educated decisions on the most up-to-date IT solutions and support those solutions to ensure they are the most efficient for your business. By bridging our decades of experience with globally recognized partners, Connectivity Systems is able to service your small business with the best applications and software available customized for your needs.

Locations We Serve

Connectivity Systems is located in Valley Forge, PA, and primarily serves clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. However, our services are not limited by geography. We have clients spanning across the US and accept new business nationally.