IT Support/Help Desk Service

Overview of IT Support and Help Desk Services

As small businesses rely on technology to keep their business running, Connectivity Systems aims to supply clients with help desk services and support in a timely fashion so they can continue their work productively on smoothly running systems. With over 20 years of providing IT support and help desk services, we have seen every issue. From minor problems to system crashes, Connectivity Systems has the experience and capabilities to respond to all of your small business IT needs.

Common Types of IT Support

Every customer support call and every client is unique, so our team is prepared to help with a variety of IT support needs. Some of the most common types of IT support provided include: 

  • Phishing Scams
  • Remote Device Safety
  • Internet or Device Issues
  • Data Recovery
  • New Hire Email Set Up

Our Commitment to Responsiveness

No more filling out a ticket and waiting for it to be assigned to someone who doesn’t know your business. Call or email our experienced staff to get a quick and direct response from someone who knows about your company. Connectivity Systems can diagnose the problem at hand and provide a timely solution.

Our Commitment to Flexibility

If computers worked perfectly there wouldn’t be any IT companies. Unlike the traditional MSP (Managed Service Provider) Model, Connectivity Systems doesn’t force your IT needs into a one-size-fits-all package. As issues arise, contact Connectivity Systems to get immediate support. No submitting tickets online. No call centers. Get the flexible support to get your business back online fast!

IT Support/Help Desk Services

Our support team is available to remotely diagnose your IT problem and quickly find a solution.

Data Backup/Disaster Continuity

We have various plans and techniques for backing up and recovering your data due to human error or natural disasters.

Hardware/Software Procurement

We help source and procure the right hardware that supports the unique needs of small business clients.

Voice Services

We help small business clients choose the right telephone and voice services to support efficient operations.

Cloud Services

We help design and effectively deploy cloud services that best suit your company’s needs.

IT Security

We provide solutions to secure clients’ internal data as well as data stored in the cloud.