IT Security

Overview of IT Security Services

Today’s Cyber Security threats are growing in size and sophistication. Protecting your network, computers, devices, and data is more important than ever. Connectivity Systems uses best-in-class security solutions to lessen your risk.

Why do small businesses need IT security?

Small businesses might not always have the budget to deploy the necessary security measures that should be taken to protect a company against security threats. At Connectivity Systems, we aim to help clients understand what their greatest risks are and deploy systems and security measures that protect companies from their largest vulnerabilities. We offer:

Firewall Deployment we help our clients protect their internal network and to block inappropriate Internet usage within their organizations.

Endpoint Protection security offerings for your PCs and mobile devices that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to block threats.

End-User Awareness Training – formal training for your employees to help them to identify and avoid some of today’s most active attacks.

Security Assessments – are you operating in an industry with compliance requirements?  We offer assessments to review your current security controls and identify any gaps in your security platform.

Dark Web Monitoring – We monitor the dark web for known user credentials and passwords associated with your organization.

Case Study – Server Update

Problem: A client received an email that their server was being updated by Dell. Naturally, they clicked through to install the update and ensure their server was running the latest software. Once completed, the company was hit with a known vulnerability in this email exchange. The email was an imitation email sent by a cyber attacker, not by Dell. The updates weren’t actually installed and the hacker began sending various emails pretending to be from the company before it was reported. 

Solution & Result: Connectivity Systems was able to shut down the illicit activities, secure the server, and move the client to a new more secure platform. 

IT Support/Help Desk Services

Our support team is available to remotely diagnose your IT problem and quickly find a solution.

Data Backup/Disaster Continuity

We have various plans and techniques for backing up and recovering your data due to human error or natural disasters.

Hardware/Software Procurement

We help source and procure the right hardware that supports the unique needs of small business clients.

Voice Services

We help small business clients choose the right telephone and voice services to support efficient operations.

Cloud Services

We help design and effectively deploy cloud services that best suit your company’s needs.

IT Security

We provide solutions to secure clients’ internal data as well as data stored in the cloud.